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Places for Rent in Eaglesham 
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Store for sale in Eaglesham

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Main St. Eaglesham AB.
Coffee shop - Store
2400 Sq. Ft.
Concrete Block Const.
Natural Gas
Highway access, public parking,
Municipal water sewer

Utilities: Freezer, deep fryer, electric stove, microwave,Coffee pot, coke cooler, desk and chairs with tables with chairs, 2 large coolers, counters and much more.

Ideal location for a small business like a store or restaurant (Which it was originally) a parts store, general store, small engine or ATV store, meat shop, or whatever you might like to build.
People buy from local business.

Two lots right on main street, centre of town.
Legal Doc: 5142HW 17 & 8 Plan 5142HW Blk 1 Lots 7 & 8

What is in the hamlet of Eaglesham?

Price Change:


Contact: Phone 780-834- 8189

Email: alwints@gmail.com

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Store for sale Main st. Eaglesham Alberta
Two lots, parking, storage shed, 2400 Sq. Ft. block building

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South inside & walk in cooler

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West inside with check out counter and kitchen in the back

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Looking to the East inside, main area with storage behind

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Part of the Kitchen

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Office and storage rooms

Business Advantages:

The community of Eaglesham is located in the geographic centre of the vast Peace River Region of Alberta.

This, coupled with very affordable land available, all the necessary amenities and low taxes, makes us an excellent location to stage your business.

What is available for Business development / Business Resources?
Community Futures Peace River
CRI Centre for Research and Innovation
FCC Farm Credit Canada - Lending and Learning

Contact us for more information.

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We receive many enquiries for land for sale in Eaglesham through this community website
There are several more properties for sale that are not listed on this site.

Why are people looking to purchase land in Eaglesham?

  • Access to our exciting school
  • Very affordable land and taxes compared to larger centres.
  • Being central in the Peace River Region is a strategic place to locate a business.
  • Strong community churches and a vibrant youth group.
  • Close proximity to recreation & a premier golf course.
  • People are looking for a safe, quiet community to live and raise their children.
  • Move away from the stressful pace of the city.
  • We are situated in fantastic recreational park land. Hiking, hunting, biking, quadding & snowmobiling.
  • Check through this website for many more positive reasons to relocate to Eaglesham

There are many properties for sale that are signed but not listed on this site.

Check throughout this website - See
Birch Hills County for a map of the hamlet and any County owned lots for sale. See for your self the many advantages of living in Eaglesham or elsewhere in the Birch Hills County.

Where else can you purchase a serviced lot for under $3000.00 - Central in the Peace Country and a great place to bring your business.

A quiet, affordable community, family friendly and open for business and investment.

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