Eaglesham, Alberta

The Community of Eaglesham
Family Friendly & Open For Business

Located in the progressive Peace River Country of Alberta

Flying the Peace Country

Local Pawluski Fly in
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River Boating

Family fun
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Riding Along the Smoky River

A land of adventure
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The Shaftsebury Ferry

Crossing the Peace River on Hwy. 740
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Eaglesham Volunteer Fire Department

Fire Practice
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Unlimited Outdoor Recreation

Enjoying a quad ride to the Smoky River
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Exploring the River Systems

Kayaking the Smoky River
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Eaglesham Golf & Country Club

9 hole Golf at its best
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Agriculture & Petrochemical Industries

Oil pumpjack in a field of Canola
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Non-stop Ball Games

Summer sports in Eaglesham
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Equestrian Summer Sports

A good way to grow up
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Peace Country Mule deer

Watchable wildlife in a quiet land
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The Annual Smoky River Jet Boat Races

When you feel the need for speed!
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Eaglesham School

Famous for its Outdoor Pursuits
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West Smoky Rec Centre

Ice sports - Curling - Hockey - Fitness Centre
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The Beautiful Peace River

All the recreation one could imagine
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Eaglesham Remembers

Students dig trenches to remember our veterans
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Eaglesham, Alberta

  • A supportive community for families
  • Centralized for Business
  • Affordable and safe
  • Surrounded by rivers, wilderness and unlimited outdoor recreation
  • A Great place to locate your business & your family
  • With a fantastic School
  • We are a Birch Hills County community

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Eaglesham Alberta From the air
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Eaglesham, Alberta, Canada

We look forward to seeing you!

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